Seth Warren

As with all good stories, Elements Mixed Media grew from a narrative of close calls, taken chances, and dramatic page turns.

Seth’s career is a lifetime of personal adventures, from kayaking many first waterfall and river descents in the early 2000’s, to making the world’s longest overland traverse by vegetable oil in a Japanese fire truck that he helped design.

It’s not just the pursuit of adventure that draws Seth in… it’s equally about the opportunity to capture stories along the way. His adventure, photography and film background make him uniquely suited for travel, tourism and adventure storytelling. He recognizes the critical importance of planning and research, while simultaneously holding the peripheral vision to capture off-stage magic and on-the-fly moments. It’s this ability to slide from micro to macro vision as a director that uniquely positions the EMM team in the field: a well-oiled collective of agile, visual artists that get the shot you didn’t think you needed, but can’t dream of living without.

Some things you should know about EMM Director, Seth Warren:


His original web-series Montana Rooted in conjunction with the Montana Film Office spurred the creation of a 3-year, 29-part web series for Visit Montana.


His first film Oil and Water chronicles the longest ever petroleum free road trip in history. It won over 30 film festival awards including the prestigious Jules Verne award for Best Picture.


In 2019 he was hired as campaign content director for TourRadar, Tour the World and shot in 100+ locations on 5 continents in 50 days.


He attempted a stand up paddle assisted kiteboarding adventure from the Archipelagos of Mozambique to Kenya. He received a septic infection from a spider bite and was medically evacuated. On assignment for Epic TV, he kept the camera rolling.